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2024 Season Details

May Camp- This is a fun team bonding experience hosted by the high school. Each grade will get one day of doing cheers and stunts with the varsity cheerleaders at Creekview High School. Cheerleaders will walk over after school and participate from 4-6. They will meet a few of the high school cheerleaders in front of the school so they know where to go. This is a highly encouraged camp to attend and a way for the girls to meet who is on their team. This is not mandatory. 


July Camp- The July Camp is mandatory, there are zero exceptions. The purpose of this camp is to teach each team their halftime routine. If a cheerleader cannot attend the camp, they will be removed from the team. This is a four day camp that is held at TAG athletics. Each grade level will participate all four days at specific times, which will be announced sometime in June. Typically, 6th and 7th grade are in the morning and 8th grade is held during the afternoon. The cheerleaders will learn their half time routine that is professionally choreographed. Practices are closed to parents. All teams will perform for parents on the last day of the camp. Again, this is a mandatory camp. Missing this camp with be an automatic removal from the squad, with no exceptions. Half time routines are time intensive to learn and it’s crucial that every cheerleader be present. July camp is always the last week of July before school starts. Please plan vacations and appointments around this week. 


Powder Puff Football- This is a flag football game with the 7th grade team vs the 8th grade team. Typically, a few football dads will coach the girls. They practice 2-3 times before having one game against each other. The 6th grade cheerleaders will cheer on the sidelines with the football team. All three teams will get a powder puff shirt to wear. Teams may wear eye black and head bands but not required. Please do not add numbers, cut or alter the shirt. Ribbon was used previously to tie the sleeves into a tank top. Teams will be given an arrival time and game time. The game usually lasts an hour. The powderpuff football game is played on a Sunday in August. This event is not mandatory but highly encouraged.


8th Grade Megaphones- All 8th grade cheerleaders will get a megaphone. They will be customized with their name and the year. There will also be bars added for each year the cheerleader has participated in the program. These are gifted from the program to commemorate their 8th grade year! 


Practice Tanks- Each cheerleader will be required to purchase a practice tank. These tank tops will be worn one day during camp and every Tuesday practice through the season. Cheerleaders that do not wear the appropriate practice wear will be documented. 


Uniforms, issued gear- Cheerleaders will have multiple items that will be required to purchase before the season begins, a list will be provided. We will put in team orders for these items so that all gear looks the same. Any gear that is team issued, will be required at each game. Cheerleaders will have to have a uniform, pom poms, backpack, water bottle, sweatshirt, leggings and pull over at all games. We strive to keep all kids looking uniform while on the track. All cheerleaders will get a new sweatshirt each season. 7th and 8th grade cheerleaders may use their backpack, pullover and leggings from their prior year if they still appear to be in good condition. This will be up to the discretion of the team moms. Leggings can be any navy, full length leggings. All other gear is specific to our program and cannot be ordered outside of the team placed order. All cheerleaders will wear any Grizzly shirt to the first day of camp with black or navy shorts. Practice shirts will be handed out the first day of camp. Cheerleaders will wear these to the first practice, and every practice after. The rest of the ordered items will be handed out to cheerleaders after the first practice. 


Hospitality Bags- The board will be buying all supplies for hospitality bags. A representative from each team will need to collect items to put together bags before each game. A good time to do this would be during Tuesday practices. Hospitality bags are only given to away cheerleaders during home games. 


Run Through Banners- Banners are only used during home games. If at any point in time they become a danger to the cheerleaders or football players, we will stop using them. This is at the discretion of team moms, cheer board and the football program. 


Homecoming Parade- All cheerleaders are required to participate in the parade. Each team will decorate their float for the theme of the year. The board will give each team their theme once the high school announces. All teams will be given a specific and equal monetary amount towards decorating the float so please keep receipts. Any money spent above the given amount will NOT be reimbursed so please plan/buy accordingly. The homecoming parade is hosted by Creekview High School. It is held on the Wednesday before the high school’s homecoming dance. The parade typically starts around 5:30-6pm. It gets crowded fast so keep that in mind when meeting. A time to meet will be given closer to the parade day. This event needs a lot of parent volunteers. It takes time and effort to put together a float. We also need 3 trucks and 3 flatbed trailers (one per team) for the night of the parade. Cheerleaders will ride on the flatbed decorated trailer and toss candy to everyone. Each cheerleader will need to bring a big bag of candy with no chocolate and no candy on sticks. 


Homecoming Dance- THIS EVENT IS HUGE. This is the only fundraiser that the Jr Grizzly Cheer program hosts. It is mandatory that all cheerleaders buy a ticket AND have a minimum of one representative volunteer at the dance. We are allowed to have 800 children attend the dance and need one chaperone per ten kids (80 volunteers). The homecoming dance is what allows us to host an end of year dinner for the cheerleaders and provides their end of year gifts. We couldn’t do it without volunteers.  


Homecoming Football Walk/Gifts- This event is ran and structured by the football program. While we hope that it generally goes the same each year, we do not control all the details. Typically, the cheerleaders will walk with a football player down the 50 yard line and stop for a picture. The megaphone cut outs are used for this. The girls are given a flower from a football player provided by the football program. The cheerleaders give the football players a small bag of candy provided by the cheer program. This will be done before or after the game. While it is nice to add extras to gifts, this is meant to be a simple team bonding between cheer and football. Only gifts provided by each program will be allowed. 


8th Grade Posters- The football and cheer program will be working together to provide posters for the 8th graders. There will not be posters done for any other grade. 


8th Grade Game- The 8th grade football and cheer athletes will be recognized with their parents during 7th grade half time of the last home game. Athletes and their parents will walk down the 50 yard line and present flowers to the moms. The megaphone cut outs will be moved to the concrete pad afterwards for family pictures. After the 7th grade game, 8th grade cheerleaders will return to the field to cheer on 7th grade for their half time routine. 


8th Grade Dads- Dads will get to cheer on the track with their daughters during the last home game of the season. Shirts will be made for the dads to wear. A fundraiser can be done to pay for these by selling shirts to family also. This is organized outside of the board if someone volunteers to take it on. Dads are encouraged to dress up and have some fun! 



End of Year Banquet - Cheerleaders are invited to bring one guest to enjoy a fancy dinner. This is provided by our homecoming fundraiser event. Cheerleaders cost is covered by the program. Parents typically pay $40-45 to attend. There will be food and desserts. Cheerleaders typically sit on half and adults in the other half. There are no awards given, just end of year gifts! 


Mandatory Parent Meeting- The parent meetings are mandatory. Important information is given at the meetings that every parent/guardian needs to have. 


Uniform Fitting- All athletes must come to the uniform fitting. Typically, a payment is due at this time. There will be uniforms, leggings and shoes that can be tried on. We only host one fitting, there will not be a make-up time for this.

Creekland Student  Cheerleaders must be currently enrolled full-time at

Creekland MS during the 2024 cheer season in order to cheer. 

Game day- All cheerleaders are to arrive one hour early to games. 6th grade is usually easy to park as you are the first game of the day. Parking for 7th and 8th can be extremely tricky at some schools. Please take that into consideration when planning out your day as you need to be standing on the track at your designated time. Instead of doing two practices during the week, the hour before games is our second practice time. Cheerleaders will warm up the half time routine and get ready for the game. All issued gear must be with your cheerleader or they will sit a quarter of the game. (Bow, uniform, low cut white socks, white cheer shoes, backpack, pom poms, water bottle, pullover, leggings and sweatshirt.) Parents are not allowed on the track or field. Please do not hang over the fence or talk to your cheerleader during game time. Each team will perform a half time routine at both home and away games. If it is raining, there will be no stunting and potentially no half time routine. This is at the discretion of the trainers and team moms. Games typically last a little over one hour and 30 minutes. They play four 10 minute quarters. It is not a running clock and some games last longer than others. 


Practice- Practices are on Tuesdays. This is the only day of the week we practice other than before the game. Please do not schedule appointments on Tuesdays during August, September and October. Your cheerleader will not be excused from practice.  Cheerleaders will stay after school on Tuesday and practice from 3:45-5:45pm. There will be a team mom and two trainers at every practice. Cheerleaders are expected to wear a low or high pony tail with bow, practice tank, athletic shorts and athletic shoes (preferably cheer shoes). They will practice sideline cheers, stunting and the half time routine. Again, practices are mandatory and there will not be excused absences unless a doctor note for that day is provided. We only practice during the regular season (8-9 practices). We need their full time and attention during those 8-9 Tuesday practices. Please make other sports teams aware of your schedule to make the season as smooth as possible. If your team makes play offs, we will only meet the hour before games. There will not be Tuesday practices after regular season ends. Practices are closed to parents. We ask that parents not stay to watch as it can be distracting to the kids. 


Pre Game Fridays- Cheerleaders are to wear their uniform on Fridays during the cheer season. Showing school spirit and representing the program is important. All cheerleaders must wear navy leggings, skirt and top. As the weather turns cool, they can also wear their program issued Grizzly sweatshirt. Skirts must be visible when wearing the sweatshirt. If cheerleaders are seen out of uniform or wearing incorrectly, they will sit out during Saturday's game. 


Payments- All cheerleaders will owe a booster fee, choreography fee, sweatshirt, shirts, bow and water bottle for the year. Some cheerleaders will have other fees if they need gear that no longer fits or if it’s their first time cheering (pullovers, backpacks, pom poms, etc). We will get new uniforms every 2 years. The fees will be split into 3 payments. All cheerleaders in the program will pay the same fee for the first two payments. The third payment will be adjusted based on what items you needed to purchase for the season. Your cheerleader will not be able to attend the July camp if their fees are not paid in full. We are only accepting checks. Checks are to be made out to Creekland Jr Cheer. 


2022 Finances

Here are the finance sheets from the 2022 season. 

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