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Cheer list- 

Defensive Cheers

• Take that Ball Away

• Attack, Fight Back

• Grizzlies Attack: POMS

• Block that Kick: POMS

• Defense Get Tough: POMS

• Defense Grizzlies Defense (signs)

Offensive Cheers

• First and 10: POMS

• Pull through: POMS

• Offensive Lets Score

• Score:  POMS

Fun Crowd Chants

• Pump It Up

• We are Tough:  POMS

• Win Tonight:  POMS

• Hey- Hey!

• Hey All You Grizzlies

• Come On Everybody

• Shake and Shout

• Set to Defeat


• We’re Fired Up: POMS

• Hey, We’re Out to Get a Victory

• We’ve Got That Beat

• Rock With the Grizzlies

• C-H-S

• Grizzlies Takin It to The Top

• Go Grizzlies Go (ripples left to right): POMS

• Creek View (with signs, and go slow)

• Keep It Up

• Let’s Hear You Yell (with signs and Stunts)

• Let’s Get Fired Up (start of game and start of 2nd half): POMS

• Let’s Go Grizzlies: POMS

• What’s Going On

• Let’s Go Big Blue:  POMS

• Rock with the Green

• F-I-G-H-T, Fight Grizzlies Fight

• Across the Nation

• Go Blue Go

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